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What We Know

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After 75 years, here are some things we know

We know that poverty is more than just lack of material assets — that it is a complex experience involving not only deprivation, but also social exclusion and vulnerability. All of these threaten children’s development.

We know that children’s experience of poverty differs from that of adults and changes as they grow from infancy through childhood and adolescence to young adulthood. We know that children need support throughout their transitions from one stage to the next. We know that at every age, children have unique gifts to offer their communities.

We know that harmful policies and practices entrenched at local, national and international levels often cause or perpetuate poverty. Alongside parents, communities and government partners, ChildFund advocates for policies and funding to change conditions and systems that harm children.

We know that children are most severely affected by disasters, and that such disruptions occur more often in the developing world. ChildFund approaches emergency response through the lens of child protection and supports communities to become more resilient.

We know that a child’s earliest years are the most important — that during this sensitive time, the foundations for a child’s future development are laid, and disruptions have lifelong consequences.

We know that a child needs loving caregivers, health care, nutrition, clean water and sanitation, education, opportunity and safety. If any one of these is missing in a child’s life, his or her potential may remain out of reach. ChildFund achieves its greatest impact by working to ensure all these elements are in place, using evidence-based practices tailored to local needs and culture.

We know that a child’s well-being and protection require the support of family and community. ChildFund works with community members — of all ages — to create the protective environments children need.

We know that locally owned change is the most sustainable — that when community members join hands to create an environment where children can thrive, children do.

ChildFund mobilizes global relationships linking children, sponsors, parents, teachers, community members, community leaders, local organizations, schools, local and national governments, foundations, corporations and more.

Together, we make it possible for children to dream, achieve and contribute — at every age.